github tomvita/EdiZon-SE 3.8.04
Mark target for multi value search

Now you can Rstick click on a memory in memory explorer to help setup multi target search for this memory target.

How to use this new feature:
Please read release note of 3.8.03 before reading this.
Using the same game and the same example target.
Place cursor on target. Rstick click. Two lines above, two lines after and the target line is used to setup the multi target search.
Pointers have the highest priority. Next is float. Finally NOT pointer.
You can refine this but without making any change and straight away using the search by pressing ZR and enter the value then + to start search you can enjoy improved target finding efficiency.

latest releases: 3.8.18, 3.8.17, 3.8.16...
5 months ago