github tomvita/EdiZon-SE 3.7.8
change of autoattach behaviour, fix main segment selection bug

Now auto attach to dmnt is the default. To disable create "/switch/EdiZon/noautoattach.txt"

Fix main segment selection bug which include some memory segment that isn't main segments.

Fixed hex mode data entry and display bug when u8 is selected as datatype.

The "exclude pointers from the DIFF results" change made in 3.7.6 has been reverted. (32bit pointers has higher overlap with real data)
Now if (buildID).bmk isn't present and if "DirectTransfer.bmk" is present it will be rename to (buildID).bmk when import bookmark key is press. This is to make it more convenient to use bookmark file exported when using wifi direct dump of pointer candidate for the search.

PS: wifi direct dump need new sysmodule version (not release yet) to support 32bit pointer. Use EdiZon SE to dump pointer candidates if the game is 32bit.

latest releases: 3.8.17, 3.8.16, 3.8.15...
8 months ago