github tomvita/EdiZon-SE 3.7.5
able to function with dmnt detached

Some games does not work properly (game timing is disrupted causing sound and video jitters) when dmnt is attached to the game process. This release provide two alternatives with such games.

  1. Set dmnt to auto attach (create a file "\switch\edizon\autoattach.txt") and detach dmnt (ZL+B) before exiting EdiZon SE.
  2. Do not set dmnt to auto attach (make sure there isn't this file "\switch\edizon\autoattach.txt") and detach dmnt (ZL+B) once if needed and dmnt will stay detached for the whole gaming session. EdiZon SE will have all the functionality except those relating to cheat code and freezing memory.

A modified dmnt is required to use detach dmnt feature. Pick one that match the version of atmosphere used.

latest releases: 3.8.17, 3.8.16, 3.8.15...
8 months ago