github tomvita/EdiZon-SE 3.6.6
Ability to detach dmnt from game process

Some games does not work well with dmnt. With special version of dmnt EdiZon SE now can toggle on/off dmnt attachment to game process.
This also means now you can alternate between Jnoexs and EdiZon SE. You don't have to stop using Jnoexs until the game relaunch after you use EdiZon SE. You just have to detach one to use the other.

With this version EdiZon no longer call ForceOpenCheatProcess when it launch by default.
Use ZL+B to toggle dmnt attachment to game process.
Place a file name "autoattach.txt" in EdiZon directory to make EdiZon SE call ForceOpenCheatProcess at launch.

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pre-release10 months ago