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Now can add book mark with pointer chain to cheat code file

Now you can re base and write back some cheat code form different game version.
Use the attached modified dmnt to reloaded cheat file with just EdiZon reload.

For code that looks like the following:
580F0000 02D22328
580F1000 00000010
580F1000 00000078
580F1000 00000000
580F1000 000000A0
780F0000 0000004C
640F0000 00000000 44000000

The first offset which is 02D22328 in the example almost always change. What I do is to scan all main segment for pointers into heap and try to follow the chain and finally compare the target with the value that is suppose to be at the real target. Which will not be 44000000 which is the value you wish it to be with the cheat code. So you have to put in the actual value for this search to work. 44000000 is the value 512 for type double. So by looking at this code you know the target is type double. You look at your game to see what is the value and put that in. Remember to set the type in the search option to double before trying to add this code to bookmark. If successful a bookmark with the same label as the cheat code will be added pointing to the right target. You can then do what you want with that, edit, freeze etc. You can write back the re based code and it will take effect on relaunch. This will only work if the rest of the chain don't need changing which has a good chance but not true if related code affecting the chain has been changed. The more 580F1000 in the code the better chance to get just one result which is the correct one if the rest of chain did not change. If there is more than one hit you have to test it to find out which one is the real one. There may be false positives.

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