github todotxt/todo.txt-cli v2.12.0

3 years ago


  • Added default priority variable TODOTXT_PRIORITY_ON_ADD (#246)
  • Added done option as alias of do (#169)
  • Added macOS 10.15.x support (#300)
  • Highlighting of dates, metadata and item numbers (#264)
  • Minimal config file / default filenames (todo.txt, done.txt, report.txt) (#289)
  • Enable file completion for add-on actions via _todo_file{1,2,3}_actions (#270)
  • Allow to customize what can be before / inside / after +project and @context (#271)


  • Read the task's name and uses as default (#249)
  • Updated interpreter reference to use environment variable (#160)
  • Allow setting of bash completion path (#301)


  • Fixed no end-of-line bug. Supports todos with no end-of-line. (#295)

Thank you @inkarkat, @karbassi, @tpikonen, @kh80, @eightyfive, @otizonaizit, @guifeliper, and @dikeert for all the hard work and PRs.

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