github tobi-wan-kenobi/bumblebee-status v2.0.0

2.0 release

The changes in this release are really too big to list, essentially, it's a rewrite of bumblebee-status, with a focus on greater extensibility and better code testing coverage. Also, the documentation is much nicer now, I hope :)

As such, I unfortunately cannot drag up a full list of changes (modules, themes, fixes) - apologies for everyone who goes unmentioned!

Also, this release probably contains numerous bugs and regressions - sorry for that as well!

Many thanks go out in particular to @TheEdgeOfRage , @martindoublem , @bbernhard , @somospocos , @fredj for alpha-testing and valuable, early feedback!

latest releases: v2.0.5, v2.0.4, v2.0.3...
3 months ago