github tmenier/Flurl Flurl.Http.3.2.0
Flurl.Http 3.2.0

Note: This was supposed to be released as 3.1 but mistakenly released as 3.2 and published, at which point it's basically too late. Oh well.

  • Do not URL-encode cookie values (#594, potentially breaking)
  • Opt-in header forwarding on redirect (#608, potentially breaking)
  • Test setups/asserts more forgiving about ignoring query strings (#596, potentially breaking)
  • net472 target to avoid unnecessary package dependency (#616)
  • BUGFIX: Sending cookies on redirect (#602)
  • BUGFIX: Redircts where Location excludes scheme (#595)
  • BUGFIX: Exception on .NET Framework if content headers are forwarded on redirect GET (#583)
one month ago