github tmenier/Flurl Flurl.Http.3.0.1
Flurl.Http 3.0.1

  • StatusCode (nullable int) property added to FlurlHttpException (#565)
  • BUGFIX: Incorrect parsing of redirect URL when Location header has query params (#586)
  • BUGFIX: FlurlCall.Succeeded error when Response is null (#573)
  • BUGFIX: Error building FlurlHttpException.Message when Call is null (#579)
  • BUGFIX: URL-encoded query params messed up cookie processing in some scenarios (#585)
  • BUGFIX: Don't clear multipart "Parts" collection after send (#580)
latest releases: Flurl.Http.3.2.0, Flurl.Http.3.1.0, Flurl.3.0.2...
6 months ago