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Flurl.Http 2.3.2

  • Header normalization and underscore logic used in core HTTP methods now also used in HttpTest header methods. (#331)
  • New extension methods SetHeader and GetHeaderValue on HttpRequestMessage and HttpResponseMessage, allowing you to read/write headers without caring whether they're at the message level or HttpContent level. (#331)
  • Use AsyncLocal to store HttpTest.Current in .NET Framework 4.6+ (#325)
  • BUGFIX: NullReferenceException when disposing FlurlClient constructed with existing HttpClient. (#334)
  • BUGFIX: NullReferenceException when setting a content-type header but not actually sending content. (#313)
  • BUGFIX: Calls made with FlurlClient.HttpClient result in null entries in HttpTest's call log, causing errors. (#335)
  • Better comments on methods that serialize POCOs to JSON. (#312)
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