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Flurl.Http 1.0

This is a major release with numerous enhancements and several breaking changes:

  • NEW: .NET Core 1.0 support
  • NEW Target .NET Platform Standard 1.4
  • NEW: Support for mulitpart posts with file uploads. (#113)
  • NEW: Send*Async methods with variable HTTP verb for atypical scenarios. (#111, #91)
  • NEW: SendAsync extension on Url and string to match core FlurlClient.SendAsync
  • NEW: PostAsync, PutAsync, and PatchAsync have an HttpContent argument, which can be null.
  • NEW: All async HTTP methods have optional HttpCompletionOption argument.
  • NEW: FlurlHttpSettings.CookiesEnabled to allow globally enabling cookies instead of just per client.
  • NEW: WithOAuthBearerToken and WithBasicAuth on HttpCallAssertion. (#73)
  • FIXED: Cookies can be enabled before URL is specified on the client. (#106)
  • FIXED: Several small issues and quirks with multi-platform support, including Xamarin
  • FIXED: Deal with quoted charset value (#76)
  • BREAKING: FlurlClient.GetCookies() (read-only) dictionary replaced by FlurlClient.Cookies dictionary, which can also be written to for sending. (WithCookies fluent methods still supported and recommended.)
  • BREAKING: HttpTest.RespondWith and HttpTest.RespondWithJson have different parameter order, supporting more options but fewer overloads: ([string or object] body, int status = 200, object headers = null, object cookies = null)

Thanks to @kroniak and @engenb for lots of help with this release!

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4 years ago