github tigera/operator v1.30.0

one day ago

26 May 2023

Included Calico versions

Calico version: v3.26.0
Calico Enterprise version: v3.16.1


  • Check more indicators for EKS discovery #2615 (@tmjd)
  • [Calico Enterprise] Application-Layer Policies via per-host/per-node envoy support #2218 (@electricjesus)

Bug fixes

  • Move BGPFilter permissions from EE-only to OSS+EE in apiserver #2617 (@coutinhop)
  • [Calico Enterprise] Removes named resource clause on applicationlayers resource. #2567 (@mikestephen)
  • [RS-749] - Sets fluentd env vars for RS index replicas and shards. #2485 (@mikestephen)

Other changes

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