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dplyr 1.0.8

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2 years ago
  • Better display of error messages thanks to rlang 1.0.0.

  • mutate(.keep = "none") is no longer identical to transmute().
    transmute() has not been changed, and completely ignores the column ordering
    of the existing data, instead relying on the ordering of expressions
    supplied through .... mutate(.keep = "none") has been changed to ensure
    that pre-existing columns are never moved, which aligns more closely with the
    other .keep options (#6086).

  • filter() forbids matrix results (#5973) and warns about data frame
    results, especially data frames created from across() with a hint
    to use if_any() or if_all().

  • slice() helpers (slice_head(), slice_tail(), slice_min(), slice_max())
    now accept negative values for n and prop (#5961).

  • slice() now indicates which group produces an error (#5931).

  • cur_data() and cur_data_all() don't simplify list columns in rowwise data frames (#5901).

  • dplyr now uses rlang::check_installed() to prompt you whether to install
    required packages that are missing.

  • storms data updated to 2020 (@steveharoz, #5899).

  • coalesce() accepts 1-D arrays (#5557).

  • The deprecated trunc_mat() is no longer reexported from dplyr (#6141).

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