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dplyr 1.0.6

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3 years ago
  • add_count() is now generic (#5837).

  • if_any() and if_all() abort when a predicate is mistakingly used as .cols= (#5732).

  • Multiple calls to if_any() and/or if_all() in the same expression are now
    properly disambiguated (#5782).

  • filter() now inlines if_any() and if_all() expressions. This greatly
    improves performance with grouped data frames.

  • Fixed behaviour of ... in top-level across() calls (#5813, #5832).

  • across() now inlines lambda-formulas. This is slightly more performant and
    will allow more optimisations in the future.

  • Fixed issue in bind_rows() causing lists to be incorrectly transformed as
    data frames (#5417, #5749).

  • select() no longer creates duplicate variables when renaming a variable
    to the same name as a grouping variable (#5841).

  • dplyr_col_select() keeps attributes for bare data frames (#5294, #5831).

  • Fixed quosure handling in dplyr::group_by() that caused issues with extra
    arguments (tidyverse/lubridate#959).

  • Removed the name argument from the compute() generic (@ianmcook, #5783).

  • row-wise data frames of 0 rows and list columns are supported again (#5804).

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