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dplyr 1.0.1

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3 years ago
  • New function cur_data_all() similar to cur_data() but includes the grouping variables (#5342).

  • count() and tally() no longer automatically weights by column n if
    present (#5298). dplyr 1.0.0 introduced this behaviour because of Hadley's
    faulty memory. Historically tally() automatically weighted and count()
    did not, but this behaviour was accidentally changed in 0.8.2 (#4408) so that
    neither automatically weighted by n. Since 0.8.2 is almost a year old,
    and the automatically weighting behaviour was a little confusing anyway,
    we've removed it from both count() and tally().

    Use of wt = n() is now deprecated; now just omit the wt argument.

  • coalesce() now supports data frames correctly (#5326).

  • cummean() no longer has off-by-one indexing problem (@cropgen, #5287).

  • The call stack is preserved on error. This makes it possible to recover()
    into problematic code called from dplyr verbs (#5308).

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