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dplyr 0.7.1

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6 years ago
  • Use new versions of bindrcpp and glue to avoid protection problems.
    Avoid wrapping arguments to internal error functions (#2877). Fix
    two protection mistakes found by rchk (#2868).

  • Fix C++ error that caused compilation to fail on mac cran (#2862)

  • Fix undefined behaviour in between(), where NA_REAL were
    assigned instead of NA_LOGICAL. (#2855, @zeehio)

  • top_n() now executes operations lazily for compatibility with
    database backends (#2848).

  • Reuse of new variables created in ungrouped mutate() possible
    again, regression introduced in dplyr 0.7.0 (#2869).

  • Quosured symbols do not prevent hybrid handling anymore. This should
    fix many performance issues introduced with tidyeval (#2822).

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