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9 years ago

This is a minor release containing fixes for a number of crashes and issues identified by R CMD CHECK. There is one new "feature": dplyr no longer complains about unrecognised attributes, and instead just copies them over to the output.

  • lag() and lead() for grouped data were confused about indices and therefore
    produced wrong results (#925, #937). lag() once again overrides lag()
    instead of just the default method lag.default(). This is necesary due to
    changes in R CMD check. To use the lag function provided by another package,
    use pkg::lag.
  • Fixed a number of memory issues identified by valgrind.
  • Improved performance when working with large number of columns (#879).
  • Lists-cols that contain data frames now print a slightly nicer summary
  • Set operations give more useful error message on incompatible data frames
  • all.equal() gives the correct result when ignore_row_order is TRUE
    (#1065) and all.equal() correctly handles character missing values (#1095).
  • bind_cols() always produces a tbl_df (#779).
  • bind_rows() gains a test for a form of data frame corruption (#1074).
  • bind_rows() and summarise() now handles complex columns (#933).
  • Workaround for using the constructor of DataFrame on an unprotected object

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