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dplyr 0.1.1

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10 years ago


  • new location() and changes() functions which provide more information
    about how data frames are stored in memory so that you can see what
    gets copied.
  • renamed explain_tbl() to explain() (#182).
  • tally() gains sort argument to sort output so highest counts
    come first (#173).
  • ungroup.grouped_df(), tbl_df(), now only
    make shallow copies of their inputs (#191).
  • The benchmark-baseball vignette now contains fairer (including grouping
    times) comparisons with data.table. (#222)

Bug fixes

  • filter() (#221) and summarise() (#194) correctly propagate attributes.
  • summarise() throws an error when asked to summarise an unknown variable
    instead of crashing (#208).
  • group_by() handles factors with missing values (#183).
  • filter() handles scalar results (#217) and better handles scoping, e.g.
    filter(., variable) where variable is defined in the function that calls
    filter. It also handles T and F as aliases to TRUE and FALSE
    if there are no T or F variables in the data or in the scope.
  • select.grouped_df fails when the grouping variables are not included
    in the selected variables (#170)
  • handles a corner case where the data frame has
    NULL names (#217)
  • mutate() gives informative error message on unsupported types (#179)
  • dplyr source package no longer includes pandas benchmark, reducing
    download size from 2.8 MB to 0.5 MB.

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