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latest releases: 0.12.3, 0.12.2
one month ago

Now you don't need to install typer[all]. When you install typer it comes with the default optional dependencies and the typer command.

If you don't want the extra optional dependencies (rich and shellingham), you can install typer-slim instead.

You can also install typer-slim[standard], which includes the default optional dependencies, but not the typer command.

Now the package typer-cli doesn't add anything on top of what typer has, it only depends on typer, and is there only for backwards compatibility, so that projects that depend on typer-cli can get the latest features of the typer command while they upgrade their dependencies to require typer directly.


  • ✨ Add support for typer ./ utils docs --title. PR #782 by @tiangolo.


  • 🐛 Fix broken installation when upgrading from typer <0.12.0 to typer >=0.12.0, make typer independent of typer-slim, include typer command in typer package. PR #791 by @tiangolo.

This fixes a problem that would break the typer installation directory when upgrading from typer <0.12.0 to typer >=0.12.0, see issue #790.

By installing the latest version (0.12.1) it fixes it, for any previous version, even if the installation directory was already broken by the previous upgrade.


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