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18 months ago

2.1.3 (2020/12/22 13:08 +00:00)

  • 3110511 Fix interrupted system call error for shiro initialization (@fatihafizoglu)
  • 0a8b915 Remove redundant timeline.css (from older version of the package) (@burmanm)
  • 80e4b78 Update Dockerfile to use maintained alpine JDK8 image and install bash to allow bashism in the (@burmanm)
  • fabedbb Fix dependency issues in bower, lock font-awesome to 4.6.3 (@burmanm)
  • 63a72ad If enableDynamicSeeds is disabled, do not update the seeds list even when readding the same cluster (@burmanm)
  • 1fbf033 Move JMX auth credentials out of dockers reaper configuration and into configure-jmx-credentials script. This allows users to start reaper without configuring REAPER_JMX_AUTH_USERNAME and REAPER_JMX_AUTH_PASSWORD. (@van-vliet)
  • 24aa024 Expose max pending compactions as configuration option in the docker image using environment variable. (@van-vliet)

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