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2 years ago

1.4.5 (2019/08/23 15:36 +00:00)

  • 8bcf6d3 Backport multiple DC UI fix to 1.4 (@michaelsembwever)
  • 3dcb5d5 Fix the find command to correctly identify the reaper jar on all systems while excluding source/javadoc jars (@adejanovski)
  • 1cb9075 Add authorization to rest endpoints based on their verbs (http method), add "operator" (read+write) and "user" (read-only) roles, let the existing admin user be an operator and add a new user "user" with the "user" role. (@michaelsembwever)
  • 134c7a0 Don't include *-sources.jar into the classpath, and be a bit smarter in finding the jar file in a current project directory (regardless of the current folder in the project directory) (@michaelsembwever)
  • 534f5aa Fix initialisation ordering of AppContext (@treuherz)
  • a934aea Improve performance of JsonParseUtils (@michaelsembwever)

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