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3 years ago

1.2.2 (2018/07/25 10:50 +00:00)

  • ae42bab Fix IStorage.getRepairUnit(builder) implementations to include matching on incremental boolean parameter, and deleting (all related) units only when deleting the cluster. (@michaelsembwever)
  • b4c3248 Use executorServices from DropWizard's lifecycle, where possible in various top-level singletons. (@michaelsembwever)
  • 2726931 Set isDev flag correctly for server.js (@spodkowinski)
  • 9a48abf Ignore late "start" notifications in SegmentRunner (@michaelsembwever)
  • bfda40d fix typo in sample for cassandra backend
  • c0cf003 Add systemd service file, add post-install task for log directories creation
  • 9b2c66d Listing snapshots can fail easily (if snapshot files/directories are deleted by someone else). (@michaelsembwever)
  • d32b54e In RepairManager synchronise the private method startRepair to multiple repair runners on the same runId (@michaelsembwever)
  • 998250c Replace RepairRun, RepairUnit and RepairSchedule's inner Builder classes' verbose public constructor with a static builder() methods and builder methods. (@michaelsembwever)

1.2.1 (2018/07/12 16:55 +00:00)

1.2.0 (2018/07/06 15:07 +00:00)

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