github tchiotludo/akhq 0.16.0

⚠️ This release drop the old ui and only the React UI is available ⚠️

⚠️ This release contains many breaking changes on the configuration files ⚠️
We have refactor the whole authentification part (group, username, ...) to have a more consistent configuration files, please look at application.example.yml & to adapt your configuration files



  • add openId login (#342) (5ab788da)
  • support BCrypt password encryption (#425) (78597d78)


  • cancel axios request when route changes (#429) (5e4a8439)
  • disable empty topic button on compact topic (48956bd0)
  • change most of link to true link (#416) (1bee9448)
  • add collapsible panel for consumerGroup on topics list (#417) (a47e4fc4)
  • add a share button (#401) (742407cc)
  • TopicList will load consumer group in async (e2b28e92)
  • handle a loading state on all table (#404) (d22fe123)
  • allow to select topics in consumer group when update offsets (#424) (e91bf61b)


  • add an empty topic button (#258) (c42b6e9a)
  • sort topic records by timestamp (#337) (00bf22aa)

Consumer Group

  • allow to select topics in consumer group when update offsets (#424)

Schema Registry

  • support schema registry references (#408) (988c6896)
  • support list of urls schema registry (6f10f8d7)
  • enable compatibility with TIBCO schema repository (#393) (cbcaf627)


  • display user on access log (2a139521)
  • use micronaut.server.context-path instead of akhq.server.base-path (c62760b4)

Bug Fixes


  • keep search as querystring (cd16b3bb)
  • redirect to schemaId don't work (9dd39982)
  • share button don't redirect on share page (d2093371)
  • fix consumer groups list pagination (d830e5cb)
  • fix ConsumerGroupUpdate on multiple topic (9da8f1eb)
  • cancel consumer group request on page change (#405) (6a6041c2)
  • use DoubleClick on Table (e5449b77)
  • build failed (831d9e92)
  • fix colspan on Table.jsx & Loading (76461e7f)
  • finalize empty topic (995b629a)
  • handle topic data with query string (#395) (cdbccd1c)
  • connect: transforms json is not displaying at edit panel (#377) (8c908c99)
  • topic - consumer group lag is not displayed (#378) (20eb5fdf)
  • schema - display exception on wrong schema (7cdaacf5)
  • connect : Fix error selecting connector properties (#376) (c79b3c6b)
  • Fix consumer groups page title (#356) (be24e170)


  • add field for schema (801c897d)


  • allow security configuration without basic auth (#402) (7744094d)

Schema Registry

  • disable defaults validation during Avro schema parsing (#392) (d4cabef0)


  • skip-consumer-group is not respected (506afe12)


  • fix the access logging to put the fields into the right places (#351) (840fcd3c)

Other Changes


  • remove old ui (#348) (185b0e6a)
  • update all java dependencies (#380) (1877f365)


  • try to add a change log (b1ad7e8a)
  • add securityContext configuration (ec99a219)
  • fix wrong charts values (c82e6ce8)


  • try to add a change log (b1ad7e8a)
  • add codeql analysis (68f9acf8)
  • failed compile by jdk 14 (#441) (ae2b9d16)
  • fix unit test (7bf700ba)
  • Use gradle caching for frontend build & remove deprecated gradle features (e9f15fae)
  • add codeql analysis (68f9acf8)
  • add & LICENSE (8eef122e)
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