github tchiotludo/akhq 0.15.0

This release introduce a new UI based on React. This is the default one when you reach AKHQ.

The old one is still available on path /{cluster}/topic but will be remove on release 0.16.0.

Since this is a major rework, the new UI can have some issue, so please report any issue, thanks !


  • fix helm deployment template indent bug (#295) @jcsky
  • fix helm ingress (#305)
  • add initcontainers value to the helm chart (#317) @skhedim
  • Fixed issue where keystore was not being set properly for Kafka Connect (#289) @CodyFearer
  • Connect performance and invalid connectors NPE (#287) @tjharke13
  • fix multiple live tail client (#187)
  • Display ms on message (#299)
  • Fix replica count values (#301) @xpr3sso
  • Handle java timezone (#314)
  • remove health on log (#321)
  • Add config button in topic list screen (#324) @RajKumarMondol
latest release: 0.16.0
pre-release2 months ago