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@tauri-apps/api v2.0.0-beta.7

Yarn Audit

yarn audit v1.22.22
info No lockfile found.
0 vulnerabilities found - Packages audited: 162
Done in 1.89s.


Bug Fixes

  • c33f6e6cf(#9211) Re-added the TauriEvent.WINDOW_CREATED (tauri://window-created) event.

Breaking Changes

  • 06833f4fa(#9100) Rename FileDrop to DragDrop on structs, enums and enum variants. Also renamed file_drop to drag_drop on fields and function names.

Yarn Publish

yarn run v1.22.22
$ yarn build && cd ./dist && yarn publish --access public --loglevel silly --tag next
$ rollup -c --configPlugin typescript
�[1m./src/app.ts, ./src/core.ts, ./src/dpi.ts, ./src/event.ts, ./src/image.ts, ./src/index.ts, ./src/menu.ts, ./src/mocks.ts, ./src/path.ts, ./src/tray.ts, ./src/webview.ts, ./src/webviewWindow.ts, ./src/window.ts�[22m → �[1m./dist, ./dist�[22m...�[39m
�[32mcreated �[1m./dist, ./dist�[22m in �[1m1.4s�[22m�[39m
�[1msrc/index.ts�[22m → �[1m../../core/tauri/scripts/�[22m...�[39m
�[32mcreated �[1m../../core/tauri/scripts/�[22m in �[1m1.8s�[22m�[39m
[1/4] Bumping version...
info Current version: 2.0.0-beta.7
[2/4] Logging in...
[3/4] Publishing...
success Published.
[4/4] Revoking token...
info Not revoking login token, specified via config file.
Done in 8.32s.

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