github tasks/tasks 4.6.16

latest releases: 13.5, 13.5.1, 13.4...
9 years ago
  • Fix Google Task sync issue (Allan Crooks)
  • Fix voice attachments for x86 devices
  • Fix camera attachments
  • Fix attachment support for Android 2.1
  • Remove duplicate share entry
  • Remove comment sidebar from tablet UI
  • Add widget margin for Android 2.x and 3.x
  • Move sync progress indicator to action bar
  • Parse 'Note to Self' titles
  • Use external viewer for images
  • Significant internal improvements
  • Update translations
    • Arabic (halolimat)
    • Danish (Aputsiaĸ Niels Janussen)
    • French (DianeRouquine, bmaupin)
    • German (silbaer, duuubiduuu)
    • Norwegian Bokmål (andersli)
    • Portuguese (jcrc)
    • Spanish (sherpam, mkarmona)

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