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Release Notes

Bugs fixed on 2.4 have been merged into 2.6. In addition, there are some bugs that are only fixed on 2.6.
fix: cannot insert data when the keep value of the database is 365000 and precision is ns(#8331
fix: when the diff/csum mix with tag columns, and the super table is operated, the limit result returns an exception
fix: disallow order by tbname for temp table (#12023)
fix: make least-squares buffer large enough to hold json result (#12207)
fix: default subquery order by ts with interval (#12526)
fix: taosbenchmark -c does not take effect
fix: When using taosBenchmark for multi-thread-query, some query threads are missing
fix: driver-go can not convert ts column correctly when using default taosd httpd
fix: order by column check error (#12152)
fix: hivemq extension broken with recent TDengine (#12204)
fix: alias name not equal if tsKeepOriginalColumnName is seted (#10855)
doc: add super table select note (#12174)

Timestamp format shortcut (#10818)
Restrict like to be followed only by strings (#9761)
Add hyperloglog function (#10743)
TaosAdapter supports remote_read and remote_write (#9495)
Add a new interface to support bulk pulling 
Parse block data and handle null value (#10353)
Add Histogram function (#10119)
Add time related functions (#10352)
Add string function lower, upper, ltrim, rtrim, and subst (#9982)
Add time window related keywords (#10654)
Add Tail/Head function (#10451)
Add stateCount function (#10615)
Add stateDuration function (#10615)
Add unique function (#10317)
Diff function supports ignore negative (#9387)
Add mode function (#10351)
Add elapsed function (#8727)
Add cast functions in SQL (#8834)
Support math functions (#8204)
(connector,query,insert,other,tools,taosAdapter):deal with escape character (#9747)
Add cumulative sum/moving average/sample function (#7998)
Support rcf3339 format timestamp in tag (#10756)

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