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Release Notes
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To: release/ver-

new features:
[TD-10456] taosdemo support restful interface insert to stable
[TD-10439] taosdemo support timestamp tags
[TD-10418] taosdemo support in cmdline mode, datatype binary and nchar with customized width
[TD-6631] GO connector support STMT interface
[TD-6561] support regular expressions "not match" filter for tags
[TD-2581] support 'OR' join query conditions between columns
[TD-6103] support for the apercentile function
[TD-5894] long query block data writes
[TD-5729] add sub query's state and obj_id in result of show queries
[TD-4352] add compression for meta data in tsdb
[TD-3048] complementing unimplemented methods of Python connectors
[TD-6127] allow two clusters to be connected at the same time
[TD-2573] support three new query functions: ceil, floor, round
[TD-6124] support for OpenTSDB writing protocols
[TD-5635] support schemaless protocols
[TD-10538] taosdemo support insert data from csv flie, including timestamp

[TD-6280] taosdump -P abnormal work when Specify the port number
[TD-7515] taos -D filedir to crash
[TD-6679] in the HTTP module the memory that has been released is used
[TD-6663] force TCP transmission through configuration parameters
[TD-6662] unable to filter data in "where" clause while subscribe a normal table
[TD-6306] taosdump --all-database did not work as expected
[TD-6133] GO connector refactor

[TD-6563] optimize the query performance during query execution
[TD-5623] support column level data compress in transport

user experience enhancement:
[TD-6479] improve taosdump -D passing parameters to it can direct follow the parameters
[TD-10397] taosdump support show version
[TD-6688] go connector not show error: invalid column/tag name
[TD-6420] TDengine server support apt install

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