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Release Notes
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[TD-5128]: odbc compile failed. (#6804)
[TD-5067]: taosdemo stmt use sample data (#6759)
[TD-5018]: taosdemo prompt if the batch is too large to insert data. (#6737)
[TD-5007]: use build directory's taosdump to test. (#6711)
[td-4988]: check for having clause in outer query.
[TD-4989]: fix stmt_bind_param error for unsigned types (#6692)
[TD-4987]: issues memory sanitizier detected. (#6677)
[td-4970]: limit/offset is not active in the outer query.
[td-4973]:fix the conversion bug in outer query when handling the data of nchar type.
[TD-4986]:fix core when no ts returned from subquery
[td-4894]:fix bug in group by normal columns.

[td-5126]:improve the nest query performance.
[td-5126]: optimize the outer query performance when handling the time window query.
[td-4865]: support group by in the outer query.

[TD-4946]: Node.js connector support nanoseconds (#6817)
Revert "[TD-5108]: CI support lua (#6798)" (#6807)
[TD-5108]: CI support lua (#6798)
[TD-5053]: taosdump support nanosecond (#6751)

[TD-4808]: update Windows specific commands in building & installation.
[TD-2569]: fix typo.
[TD-4657]: fix typo.
[TD-5072]: describe detail about table name wildcard.
[TD-4657]: describe short version of "LIMIT/SLIMIT OFFSET" clause.

[TD-5078]: update test case for nested query
[TD-4983]: add test case for interval boundry
[TD-5000]: add test case for nested query
[TD-4939]: add a Proxool Connection Pool Demo (#6657)

[TD-6545]: when restart taosd, it print assertion '0' failed.

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