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Release Notes

[TD-3304]: fixed a test case bug
[TD-3304]: fixed a test case bug in topic1.sim
[TD-4412]: add new configuration parameter for db option cachelast
[TD-4412]: add new configuration parameter for db option precision
[td-4546]: fix bug in taos_fetch_block while nest query existed.
[TD-4599]: fix false dnode offline
[TD-4605]: early version visual studio compile. (#6399)
[TD-4605]: early version visual studio compile. (#6400)
[TD-4605]: early version visual studio compile. (#6406)
[td-4612]: check invalid query in outer query. [td-4611]
[td-4625]: fix bug in diff query with group by.
[TD-4640]: fix CDLL error in macOs (#6430)
[TD-4671]: mark dropped dnode in dnodeCfg.json & exit early when startup
[TD-4672]: remove peer fqdn IP caching
[td-4673]: fix bug in derivative.
[TD-4681]: return invalid operation for not equal on primary ts column
[TD-4681]: return invalid operator for not equal on primary timestamp column
[TD-4682]: not move vnode to new dnode within 2 seconds
[td-4692]: error in system locale set caused client crash.
[TD-4696]: fix the connection multi taosd error within jdbc-restful (#6499)
[TD-4721]: NULL column in a row was specially processed
[td-4723]: fix bug in derivative function.
[td-4739]: fix bug in derivative.
[TD-4787]: reconnect arbitrator if link broken
[TD-4823]: taosdemo getTableName return empty. (#6571)
[TD-4838]: taosdump binary length bug. (#6581)
[TD-4874]: reset customScore to 0

[TD-3304]: added detailed info for invalid blocks option
[TD-4598]: refactored mapping of TD error code to HTTP error code

[TD-3126]:add nano second precision testcase and modify tsim to support time precision
[TD-4535]:_block_dist() function improvement
[td-4555]: add derivative function
[TD-4684]: nano second timestamp precision supported (#6529)
[TD-4735]:support select last_row from subquery
[TD-4752]: python connector support nanosecond. (#6528)
[TD-4762]: use maven-assembly-plugins to package multi packages for jdbc demo (#6539)

[TD-2579]: func DIFF support "GROUP BY tbname" now.
[TD-2639]: fix word "MATLAB" spelling.
[TD-3229]: add doc about deploy on Kubenetes environment.
[TD-3229]: add English doc about deployment in Kubernetes environment.
[TD-3229]: remove link to empty docs.
[TD-4288]: update support version of DATABASE parameters hot modification.
[TD-4378]: add note about DB name prefix on RESTful.
[TD-4394]: can alter BINARY & NCHAR length in columns & tags.
[TD-4412]: update DATABASE related parameters.
[TD-4437]:update matlab-jdbc doc
[TD-4484]: add func errstr() for stmt APIs.
[TD-4500]: limit the length of FQDN parameter.
[TD-4533]: correct details of Prepare Statement api for Java.
[TD-4542]: enhance "CACHELAST" mechanism to help "LAST" function.
[TD-4606]: windows compile argument mistake.
[TD-4669]: remove obsoleted English old docs.
[TD-4669]: upload English documents for version 2.0.
[TD-4669]: upload English documents & pictures for version 2.0.
[TD-4689]: describe limitation about "not equal" operator.
[TD-4807]: fix typos.
[TD-4836]: emphasize setting firstEp in all dnode in cluster.
[TD-4837]: "update" parameter can not be changed by "ALTER DATABASE".

[TD-3938]: add script to detect coredump file
[TD-3938]: add test case
[TD-4290]: add testcase that compact wal file
[TD-4290]: modify testcase that compact wal file
[TD-4421]: add test case for subquery with filter
[TD-4552]: add testcase that compact wal file with replica
[TD-4602]: add test case
[TD-4630]: add exception handling for restful insert
[TD-4663]: add test case
[TD-4733]: add test case for derivative function

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