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Release Notes

Revert "[TD-4533]: taosdemo resub if resubAfterConsume != -1 (#6243)" (#6289)
[td-255]: fix crash caused by tag bind.
[TD-3078]: fix arbitrator create time
[TD-3197]: taosdemo and taosdump coverity scan issues. (#6207)
[TD-3279]: memory link while perform delete action
[td-4111]: fix bug for irate function.
[TD-4243]:fix coredump when select _block_dist() from table
[TD-4279]: fix mnode single online as master
[TD-4296]: taosdemo sub keepProgress. (#6200)
[TD-4313]: odbc example compile failed on Windows. (#6206)
[TD-4322]: taosdemo query then fetch result. (#6210)
[TD-4322]: taosdemo query then fetch result. (#6211)
[TD-4323]: the deleted vnode does not need to commit, so as to speed up the deletion and avoid crash while balance
[td-4351]: suppress error msg if super table is missing.
[TD-4353]: taosdemo resub if resubAfterConsume != -1 (#6286)
[TD-4353]: taosdemo resub if resubAfterConsume != -1 (#6287)
[TD-4370]: squashed commit of python connector changes in develop (#6246)
[td-4372]: fix the taosd server crash caused by dropping a child table, of which the indexed tag value is null.
[TD-4382]: taosdemo query result file is null. (#6259)
[TD-4382]: taosdemo query result file is null. (#6263)
[TD-4384]: fixed an uninitialized bug
[TD-4406]: taosdemo auto create table. (#6281)
[TD-4417]: return database not ready if vnode status & role not ready
[td-4446]: fix repeat import caused crash.
[TD-4480]: fix DatabaseMetaData get wrong column value (#6381)
[TD-4507]: disable jdbc build on windows for appveyor. (#6352)
[TD-4507]: disable jdbc build on windows for appveyor. (#6353)
[TD-4533]: taosdemo resub if resubAfterConsume != -1 (#6243)

[td-4151]: improve the validation procedure of sql statement.
[td-4231]: report error if only tags of the table are retrieved in the select clause when the filter condition only includes normal columns.
[TD-4243]: block_dist percentile approximation to reduce memory usage especially for super table
[TD-4243]:remove _block_dist() special dedicated column index
[td-4314]:support top/bottom query on main query.
[td-4520]: support the tbname column alias name.

[TD-4068]: taosdemo support stmt. (#6270)

[TD-2639]: correct database parameter about time precision.
[TD-2639]: correct parameter about time precision.
[TD-2639]: describe length limitation about tag names.
[TD-2639]: fix example about transaction in SQL execution.
[TD-2639]: fix typo about replica.
[TD-3948]: column names can be away from table name in insert.
[TD-3963]: allow alter some database parameters without reboot server.
[TD-4089]: stopping taosd service may take remarkable time.
[TD-4181]: update format of FAQ doc.
[TD-4181]: update SQL related doc.
[TD-4277]: update description about inserting into multi tables with auto creating table.
[TD-4377]: fix files number calculation in vnode.
[TD-4387]: fix broken link to server config doc.
[TD-4533]: describe C/C++ & Java version of Prepare Statement api.
[TD-4533]: describe parameter "size" in "setString" & "setNString".
[TD-4533]: fix description about func "taos_stmt_bind_param_batch".
[TD-4533]: "taos_stmt_bind_param" can be used in both INSERT & SELECT queries.

[TD-4122]: add test case
[TD-4263]: update performance test script
[TD-4420]: add test case
[TD-4423]: add test case
[TD-4435]: add test case
[TD-4505]: add test case for last_row()

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