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Release Notes

[TD-2915]: python connector cursor iter next() function. (#5875)
[TD-3580]: taosdump support human readable time format. (#5888)
[TD-3639]: compare timestamp with datetime in python (#5940)
[td-3779]: fix bug during filter data block when handling last query.
[TD-3801]: taosdump coverity scan issue. (#5844)
[TD-3827]: taosdemo query argument miss lead segfault. (#5848)
[TD-3833]: taosdemo command line argument miss lead segfault. (#5859)
[TD-3850]: fix vnode write enqueue flowctrl UAF & no response
[TD-3851]: taosdemo performance boost. (#5857)
[TD-3872]: fix taosGetDiskSize statvfs input directory bug
[td-3874]: enable the value of UINT64_MAX-1 to be the valid tag values.
[td-3878]: fix the unsigned number bug in group by query.
[TD-3880]: C# driver test miss unsigned type. (#5871)
[TD-3883]: [http/clear parser] clear parser when decode finished
[TD-3906]: taosdemo back to 4 INT columns. (#5883)
[TD-3909]: [http/race] fix singleCmd race issue
[TD-3913]: mips compile support. (#5894)
[TD-3914]: taosdemo input argument validation. (#5899)
[TD-3915]: reduce taos client diagnose output. (#5898)
[TD-3944]: make default offline threshold to 10 days. (#5912)
[TD-3944]: make default offline threshold to 10 days. (#5913)
[td-3951]: check the input value of big int which is overflowed.
[TD-3968]: taosdemo data length should be 16*1024 (#5926)
[TD-3969]: taosdemo re-enable batch-create-tbl-num (#5932)
[TD-3985]: taosdemo timestamp step overflow. (#5946)

Revert "[TD-3079]: use multi-level storage with vnode's wal files"
[TD-3572]: response out of dnodes if #dnodes <= maxDbReplica
[td-3941]: refactor having operator.
[TD-3983]: update driver-go submodule to latest (#5945)

[td-2859]: support nest query.

[TD-1316]: "apercentile" func can be applied on super table.
[TD-2639]: fix lib name typo.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-2639]: fix url link format.
[TD-2639]: remove ambiguous description about select expression.
[TD-2639]: update description about performance testing tools for inserting.
[TD-3611]: fix description about function top & bottom.
[TD-3666]: add notes about Binary type.
[TD-3666]: distinguish bytes & chars in length calculation.
[TD-3666]: should avoid storing multi-bytes chars in Binary.
[TD-3666]: update description about Binary column.
[TD-3869]: add notes about "TAOS_SUBSCRIBE_CALLBACK".
[TD-3944]: update default value for "offlineThreshold".
[TD-3984]: describe "union all" clause.
[TD-850]: describe limitation about calculation between columns.
[TD-850]: describe usage limitation about calculation expression.
[TD-850]: fix typo.

[TD-3414]: add insert function with json files of taodemo-testcase
[TD-3414]: add insert function with json files of taodemo-testcase -repeat
[TD-3453]:modify filepath in scripts
[TD-3800]: add test case for query last(*)
[TD-3937]: add taosdemo performance test compare scripts

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