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Release Notes

[TD-2301]: change
[TD-2267]: remove redundant macro definition
[TD-2199]: fix bugs in percentile in case of no data in table.
[TD-2236]: fix bugs in groupby normal colunms + last query
[TD-2281]: filter unsupported mixed up query functions.
[TD-2313]: ensure length of nchar cols not exceed limit
[TD-2169]: fix memory leaks in group by query processing.
[TD-2265]: add the total number of rows in submit block during parse insert sql.
[TD-2298]: fix taosd crash during table interval query.
[TD-2255]: fix incorrect log variable and sim test cases
[TD-2277]: fix invalid column type in stable query.
[TD-2265]: fix TSDB_MAX_ALLOWED_SQL_LEN from 8MB to 1MB
[TD-2129]: fix bug in twa calculation.
[TD-2198]: cq can be created more than once
[TD-2182]: coverity issues
[TD-2216]: crash in qUtil.c
[TD-2129]: fix bugs in twa query.
[TD-2227]: remove false error message in the log file while no results returned from server in case of query against super table.
[TD-2220]: fix the bug in column arithmetic expression.
[TD-2220]: fix the bug in column arithmetic expression.
[TD-2193]: fix the offset error in arithmetic expression.
[TD-2180]: fix coverity issues.
[TD-2169]: fix memory leak in handing the group by binary|nchar type data.
[TD-2175]: fix the error in result field name and nchar column length

[TD-2293]: improve projection query performance for super table.
[TD-2263]: debug log epSet.fqdn when connect success
[TD-2255]: make db options days and keep error message more clear
[TD-2163]: add the version check for query message.

[TD-2325]: enable configure if 50% cpu will be used in query processing.
[TD-2309]: add config option to enable/disable stream (continuous query)
[TD-1859]: restful implementation for taos-jdbc


[TD-2132]: add memory leak test case

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