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Release Notes

[TD-2976]: check 1970 timestamp support in C# taosdemo (#5813)
[TD-3162]: taos shell command line arugments. (#5810)
[TD-3204]: support usigned integer types for C# connector (#5808)
[TD-3317]: taosdemo interlace insertion. (#5774)
[td-3350]: Remove the illegal abort operation in case of multithread environment for sim.
[TD-3579]: sort mnode syncCfg nodeInfo to fix leader election failure
[TD-3607]: fix taosdemo limit and offset. (#5707)
[TD-3636]: fix taosdemo outorder range algorithm. (#5736)
[td-3664]:fix bug in top/bottom query.
[TD-3681]: fix syncdb precondition checkings
[TD-3682]: Insufficient disk space may cause oom
[TD-3683]: reduce buffer size for more stable table creation. (#5719)
[TD-3683]: reduce buffer size for more stable table creation. (#5720)
[TD-3705]: taosdemo columns or tags count overflow. (#5745)
[TD-3705]: taosdemo columns or tags count overflow. (#5745) (#5760)
[TD-3706]: [mnode] validate super table columns and tags count
[TD-3710]: [sync/memory] fix peer connection invalid read post freeing
[TD-3715]: taosdemo interlace rows must less than insert rows. (#5743)
[TD-3722]: taosdemo performance regression due to always set random seed. (#5740)
[TD-3733]: taosdemo buffer processing refactor. (#5766)
[TD-3741]: python test case on arm32. (#5767)
[TD-3752]: taosdemo columns+tags+ts must less then 1024. (#5782)
[TD-3758]: fix setnull throw exception when jdbcType is OTHER (#5797)
[TD-3766]: fix fsync alter calculation
[TD-3775]: taosdemo interlace rows more than insert rows. (#5819)
[TD-3783]: taosdemo for windows generates rand string invalid. (#5828)

[TD-3079]: use multi-level storage with vnode's wal files
[td-3571]: enable update the vgroup info during super table query.
[TD-3606]: When adding a new node to the cluster, the locale and charset are no longer checked

[TD-3762]: support us and ms percision for timestamp in JDBC (#5818)

[TD-2577]: "GROUP BY" add "HAVING" support.
[TD-2639]: add keyword "topic".
[TD-2639]: fix version num of long term support release.
[TD-3028]: add service ports section in faq.
[TD-3412]: create docker version for "getting start".
[TD-3412]: fix minor typo.
[TD-3606]: locale & charset options will not be checked when dnode add to cluster.
[TD-3672]: update C# connector environment support.
[TD-3754]: correct the meaning of slimit option.
[TD-3755]: describe the columns num limitation in selecting.

[TD-2986]: add demo example into CI
[TD-3676]: add test case
[TD-3677]: test pr message 1
[TD-3677]: test pr message 2
[TD-3677]: test pr message 3
[TD-3796]: test null value in JDBC-JNI

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