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Release Notes

[TD-3601]: fix early 1970 time problem
[TD-3534]: fix TD-3534
[TD-3465]: fix TD-3465
[TD-3298]: fix coverity scan error
[td-3662]: fix invalid write caused by top/bottom query.
[TD-3580]: taosdump support human readable time format. (#5674)
[TD-3636]: taosdemo disorder rework. (#5671)
[TD-3660]: taosdemo gracefully exit if super table not exist. (#5670)
[TD-3657]: sdbUpdateMnodeRoles before check mnodeAllOnline
[TD-3458]: Fix the bug of losing tables in multiple replicas
[TD-3653]: taosdemo json parameter cleanup. (#5665)
[TD-3641]: fix interlace timestamp step issue. (#5654)
[TD-3642]: fix staging directory resource leak
[TD-3417]: stop and delete the nginxd.service for enterprise edition (#5617)
[TD-3612]: fix vnode write msg double free issue
[td-3457]: fix the bug that cancel request failed to stop query at vnodes.
[td-3571]: fix null value filter bug for bool type.
[TD-3314]: new staging directory for deleting vnodes
[TD-3284]: taosdemo support fixed value tag. (#5632)
[TD-3598]: cleanup few code lines. (#5622)
[TD-3591]: rework limit and offset logic. (#5618)
[TD-3589]: taosdemo need to use db before query. (#5612)
[TD-3577]: taosdemo print stb insert interval. (#5610)
[TD-3592]: fix dnode ID syntax in drop dnode <dnode_id>
[TD-3576]: taosdemo print query times. (#5609)
[TD-3581]: fix uniq/dnode/remove2.sim step3
[TD-3449]: fix drop if not exists error
[TD-3544]: move query times detect to query meta file parse. (#5597)
[TD-3546]: fix taosdemo quer crash as index variable mistake. (#5598)
[TD-3524]: taosdemo query multithreading workaround. (#5587)
[TD-3185]: default numOfCommitThreads to 4, show in cfg template
[TD-3478]: increase thread num of table creation same as insert… (#5577)
[TD-3472]: fix query times determination miss. (#5576)
[TD-3321]: describe stb with better logic. (#5559)
[TD-3349]: maxSQLLength <- TSDB_MAX_ALLOWED_SQL_LEN; minTablesPerVnode, tableIncStepPerVnode <- 100
[TD-3357]: fix child table count if exists. (#5542)
[TD-3433]: fix child table count issue. (#5552)
[TD-3407]: print more info to result file. (#5538)
[td-3391]: fix invalid error msg.
[TD-3431]: fix taosdemo cmdline incorrect arguments. (#5536)


[TD-3410]: support nutz framework (#5600)
[TD-3402]: taosdemo version. (#5574)
[TD-3036]: syncdb <db_name> replica;
[td-3036]: support the db sync operator.

[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-3649]: fix minor typo.
[TD-3649]: update compatibility about HuaWei EulerOS.
[TD-3645]: add description about dimension microsecond in timestamp.
[TD-2518]: timestamp add support for time before year 1970.
[TD-3624]: fix minor typo.
[TD-3573]: add timezone section in faq.
[TD-2639]: add descriptions about database options that can be altered.
[TD-2639]: add a little space for better display format.
[TD-2639]: fix bold text in table title.
[TD-2639]: add detail about firstEp.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-2639]: update memory size estimation.
[TD-3430]: cmake minimal version is 2.8.12.x.
[TD-2639]: clarify the length limitation of tags.

[TD-3588]: update test case
[TD-3602]: update perf test script
[TD-3474]: add test case
[TD-1139]: add c examples into CI
[TD-3413]: make docker cluster support enterprise
[TD-3274]: add test case for after 1970 years

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