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Release Notes

[TD-3353]: solve race condition coredump
[TD-3320]: fix sync coredump
[TD-3370]: fix used disk size, show acctual used instead of non-avail to current user
[TD-3369]: fix taosdemo invalid write valgrind reports. (#5496)
[td-3361]: fix crash caused by nchar type filter.
[TD-3356]: fix bug regarding limit offset with exist child table. (#5495)
[TD-3357]: fix child table count if exists. (#5488)
[TD-3355]: Fix invalid table id problem caused by idpool
[td-3361]: nchar tag filter caused client crash.
[TD-3337]: [balance] fix pVgroup->pDb NULL pointer crash
[TD-3332]: vnode report status if not closing instead of not ready
[td-3338]: query data before 1970-1-1 00
[td-3318]: fix crash caused by empty stddev query.
[td-3183]: fix unsigned number arithmetic calculation with sort option caused crash.
[td-3331]: print timestamp format error.
[td-3315]: enable insert timestamp in the format of string '1970-1-1 8
[td-3313]: fix join bug


[TD-3082]: jdbc connector support unsigned tinyint, smallint, int, bigint (#5447)
[TD-3192]: support child table limit and offset.
[TD-3192]: support child table limit and offset.

[TD-2639]: fix link url detail.
[TD-2354]: need reboot to take effect when alter CACHELAST option.
[TD-2639]: improve expression of some sentences.
[TD-3363]: fix typo.
[TD-3352]: move "quick run" section into "install" part.

[TD-2639]: clarify "now" function usage when insert multi-rows.
[TD-2639]: clarify estimation of memory requirement.
[TD-3336]: update description about "make install" and start service.

[TD-3365]: update test case
[TD-3365]: add test case for query filter on tag type
[TD-3316]: add testcase for taosdemo child table limit and offset.
[TD-1002]: add test case for double type

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