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17 months ago

[TD-3154]: fix invalid write
[TD-3096]: fix query dead lock
[TD-3075]: fix SBlockCol offset overflow
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. stb case passed.
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. use seperate func for normal table write.
[TD-3177]: fix demo.c checking result error mistake.
[TD-3171]: response error code if any
[TD-3142]: fix JDBC-RESTful back ResultSet with null Type
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. refactor.
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. support no-stb in middle.
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. support no-stb in middle.
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. merge upstream.
[TD-3147]: support insert interval. json works.
[TD-3110]: TSDB_MIN_WAL_LEVEL <- 0 to allow db wal no log
[TD-3167]: fix cannot use chinese charset in docker images
[TD-3158]: fix http column_meta test cases
[TD-3158]: replace head_type with column_meta in http response
[TD-3147]: support insert interval instead of insert rate. cleanup
[TD-3147]: support insert internal instead of insert rate.
[TD-3043]: allow monitor db table to be dropped & altered
[TD-3160]: fix c demo program compile issue.
[TD-3147]: change insert rate to insert interval.
[TD-3042]: fix unsigned to signed conversion with serverPort
[TD-3124]: stop & free TAOS_RES *result post http queue shutdown
[td-3141]: fix the crash of taosd caused by a percentile query on the unsigned numeric data type.
[TD-3113]: remove curl from TDengine. fix linux compile issue.
[TD-3113]: remove curl from TDengine. fix windows compile issue.
[td-3016]: fix sum error for unsigned data type.
[TD-3117]: fix taosdemo coredump led by cntDelay.
[TD-2183]: fix coverity scan issue in taosdemo and taosdump.
[TD-3107]: handle Too many sync fwd infos error crash with batch create table
[TD-2210]: use LWP tid. remove few darwin-related code.
[TD-3113]: remove curl from TDengine. fix compile for mac
[TD-2210]: use LWP tid. fix assertion on mac.
[td-3016]: fix unsigned sum error.
[TD-2008]: min(tsHttpMaxThreads) <- 2, default(tsHttpMaxThreads) <- half of tsNumOfCores
[TD-3073]: fix syncing role not displayed issue
[TD-3085]: support insert speed info.
[td-3009]: diff can not be applied to unsigned numeric data type.
[td-3001]: fix tag filter bug in case of unsigned number existing.
[td-3021]: fix the sql of creating table parsing failed if more than one space exists.
[td-3027]: fix bugs in alter table by adding unsigned tags.
[td-3003]: fix the bug in alter table.
[td-3012]: fix error of the leastsquares in handling unsigned data.
[td-3017]: fix bug in top/bottom query on unsigned data type.
[td-3018]: fix bug in twa query on unsigned data type.
[td-3013]: fix bug in unsigned bigint max/min query.
[TD-3064]: fix wal file size(>2G) overflow with int32_t
[TD-3068]: When the creation of log file fails, the length of old log grows infinitely
[TD-3061]: fix compile issue for arm32 and windows.
[TD-2984]: combine taosdemo and taosdemox. add perf statistics.
[TD-3037]: disable balance for enterprise user.
[TD-3038]: fix incorrect disk free size calculation
[TD-2984]: combine taosdemo and taosdemox. fix ansi escape for windows.
[TD-3031]: fix NULL parser crash
[td-3014]: fix error in spread function when applying to unsigned values.
[td-3035]: fix bug in projections query on super table with filter condition.
[TD-2984]: combine taosdemo and taosdemox. modify test case for new schema.
[TD-2999]: [http] fix NULL parser crash
[TD-2984]: combine taosdemo and taosdemox. solve windows build issue.
[TD-2996]: reset pContext->singleCmd to zeroes when httpReleaseContext(pContext, true)
[TD-2982]: disable rpmbuild auto detect dependency
[TD-2969]: fix rust example submodule issue.

[TD-3158]: add head_type fileds with RESTful API
[TD-3044]: log check global cfg completed to grep count start times
[TD-2955]: [wal][v2] checksum whole wal record instead of just head

[TD-3173]: java taosdemo can execute one sql statement by commandline
[TD-3148]: make build system detect host arch.
[TD-3148]: make build system detect host arch. add other variables.
[TD-3148]: make build system detect host arch. detect amd64 and x86
[TD-3148]: make build system detect host arch. detect aarch32
[TD-2868]: JDBC-RESTful support PreparedStatement and addBatch
[TD-2868]: JDBC-Restful supported PreparedStatement
[TD-2971]: make python connector support unsigned int. fix None determine.

[TECO-43]: transfer Chinese docs to grav cms system.
[TD-3157]: update readme regarding host arch detecting.
[TD-2639]: fix title number in faq page.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo about EndPoint options.
[TD-2008]: update default value for option httpMaxThreads.
[TD-3114]: refine centos environment package list
[TD-2639]: add description about normal node can redirect to mnode to provide mnode EP list.
[TD-2639]: clarify keyword stable support relate to system version.
[TD-2639]: Binary column should only store ASCII string.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-2354]: describe option for caching table last row.
[TD-2639]: fix link to replica doc.
[TD-2639]: fix case sensitive things.
[TD-2423]: allow create table from super table with just specific tag columns.
[TD-2639]: move insert example to be the right place.
[TD-203]: emphasize the best practice about connection sharing in multi threads.
[TD-2568]: describe new commands about client log management.
[TD-2863]: change the unit of measurement for config tsQueryBufferSize.

[TD-1977]: add query unit test into CI
[TD-3155]: add test case
[TD-3154]: update test case
[TD-3069]: add test case
[TD-2953]: add jdbc cases into CI
[TD-2423]: add test case
[TD-2977]: add test case
[TD-2846]: update docker cluster scripts

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