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Release Notes

[TD-2887]: fix possible race condition coredump
[TD-2962]: fix pContext NULL crash
[TD-2886]: change the error code if the table has been removed and created again with different table schema before issuing query to a vnode.[TD-2910]: fix onlineDnodes > totalDnodes issue
[TD-2643,TD-2925]: update sim test case and JDBCDemo doc
[TD-2925]: rename keep2,keep1 -> keep1,keep0
[TD-2936]: change default path to follow mac standard.
[TD-2923]: Not show databases in dropping
[TD-2822]: fix invalid result set pointer bugs
[TD-2875]: comment out stderr print to make crash_gen no Killed
[TD-2918]: delet stable in mnode first before send dnode drop stable msg
[TD-2402]: remove WINDOS macro related code in ttimer
[TD-2402]: set rows <- 1 constantly when update http sql return success
[TD-2901]: fix bug taosdemo with mono compiled does not exit.
[TD-2402]: set rows <- 1 constantly when update http sql return success
[TD-2885]: fix memory leak.
[TD-2893]: fix http invalid url error typo.
[TD-2875]: use monotonic clock source to fix leap-second issue


[TD-2931]: add -y parameter to skip prompt.
[TD-2771]: python version taosdemo. add native interface
[TD-2005]: add ErrorNumber in JDBC driver
[TD-2891]: get process cmdline by pid on mac.
[TD-2555]: super table query support stddev query.

[TD-2639]: fix typo in example of alter table tags.
[TD-2639]: fix software version number about STDDEV() on super table.

[TD-2568]: add test case
[TD-1351]: add test case
[TD-2671]: add test case for STABLE
[TD-2850]: add test case
[TD-2801]: add test case

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