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Release Notes

[TD-2873]: fix compile issue.
[TD-2541]: optimized the connection pool demo codes
[TD-2597]: fix Druid and HikariCP configurations
[TD-2793]: fix -p option of taos.exe
[TD-2845]: new -V option to taos.exe
[TD-2827]: fix JDBC-RESTful resultSet and restSetMetaData bugs
[TD-2839]: set tsOfflineThreshold max <- 86400 * 365
[TD-2839]: fix tsOfflineThreshold code comments
[TD-2832]: use httpDecodeUrl to parse reserved characters after percent-encoding
[TD-2696]: fix RFC3339 timestamp bug.
[TD-2790]: fix the bug that tableMeta is not updated if parse error occurs.
[TD-2445]: dump toasd process cfgs
[TD-2805]: null pointer checking
[TD-2808]: fix http password len
[TD-2794]: fix authentication failed with changed password
[TD-2794]: fix authentication failed with changed password
[TD-2718]: new create multiple tables test cases
[TD-2490]: add check for full table name.
[TD-2697]: fix buffer overflow
[TD-2769]: make nodejs connector use napi to support v10 and v12.
[TD-2769]: lock ref-napi version to 1.5.2.
[TD-2788]: fix two telemetryReporting options in taos.cfg.
[TD-2769]: update package json files.
[TD-1600]: return error code to client if importing data from file failed.
[TD-2778]: fix invalid read during merge data in both buffer and data files.
[TD-2777]: fix potential risk to execute rm -rf /
[TD-2769]:nodejs 12+ adapt
[TD-2247]: fix invalid sql caused client crash.

[TD-2785]: Allow to judge the status of sync and arbitrator ports
[TD-2759]: remove 1s additional check peer conn timer interval

[TD-109]: support mac compile with xcode11.4 in travis CI. enable in .travis.yml
[TD-109]: support mac compile with xcode11.4 in travis CI. redefine MSG_NOSIGNAL
[TD-2339]: interpolation can be applied along with the time window.
[TD-2776]: add stable infos in getTables method
[TD-2635]: support next fill option.

[TD-1413]: enterprise edition support multi-layer storage now.
[TD-2571]: add new keyword DISTINCT to select different values of tag column in super table.
[TD-2852]: add Mac platform compiling section to the
[TD-2829]: refine Windows compiling section of
[TD-2639]: twa() do not support super table in current version.
[TD-2639]: remove unessential emphasis.
[TD-2639]: fix indent of doc.
[TD-2639]: fix escape code type error.
[TD-2671]: Super Table will use keyword "STABLE" since now.
[TD-2639]: remove one misplaced doc.
[TD-2639]: distinguish the concept Arbitrator and the command tarbitrator.
[TD-2757]: fix description about VNode mem cache.
[TD-2775]: update faq regarding UPDATE parameter.
[TD-2763]: remove outdated description.
[TD-2555]: STDDEV() support calculation on super table.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-2639]: fix a code format.
[TD-2639]: fix minor typo.
[TD-2775]: add update to faq, fix minor typo.
[TD-2775]: add update to faq.

[TD-2672]: optimized the JDBC test cases
[TD-2700]: add test case
[TD-2635]: add test case
[TD-1024]: add test case
[TD-2720][TD-2247]: add test case
[TD-2451]: add test case
[TD-2695]: change jdbc unit test cases

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