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Release Notes

[TD-2604]: fix coredump
[TD-2583]:function min gets result value zero when column values contain NULL
[TD-2429]: data may be lost during load balancing
[TD-2557]:insert from file failed after changing stable
[TD-2587]: fix bugs introduced by refactor.
[TD-2559]: taos can't cancel stable query when fetching data
[TD-2302]: fix nodejs exception when query a null value
[TD-2563]: fix invalid write caused by top/bottom query at client side.
[TD-2562]: fix bug in twa query.
[TD-2457]: check the invalid order by clause for top/bottom query.
[TD-2560]: client crash when execute 'show tables like'
[TD-2550]: fix nodejs connector of td2.0-connector cannot use in or later
[TD-2511]: DB new option cacheLastRow

[TD-2606]: double TSDB_MAX_WAL_SIZE from 1M to 2M
[TD-2561]: new field clusterId for SConnectRsp
[TD-2378]: optimize the client memory requirement.
[TD-2512]: support in memory cached last row query.

[TD-2502]: force version checking with rpc request messages

[TECO-40]: add video link to documentation markdown, change FAQ to list

[TD-2585]: migrate 4 sim cases to python to improve speed
[TD-2551]: get insert delay values for taosdemo performance

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