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Release Notes

[TD-2442]: taos crash when press ctl+c to cancel query
[TD-2481]: cannot create stream
[TD-2438]: Coverity fix
[TD-2340]: reserve field uint32_t crc for checksums
[TD-2481]: cannot create stream
[TD-2469]: disable client epSet.fqdn update with single node cluster
[TD-956]: TWA query does not need the start/end time range.
[TD-2460]: join query failed through REST API.
[TD-2454]: fix client memory leaks.
[TD-2433]: fix the bug that server_status() not working.
[TD-2190]: failed to time range check for fill query.

[TD-2263]: debug log epSet.fqdn when connect success
[TD-2176]: improve the first/last query performance against super table.
[TD-1827]: force version check for client messages

[TD-2425]: multi-table creation in one request.

[TD-2424]: add test case for float compare

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