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GAM 6.72.07

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22 days ago

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Latest updates


Updated commands that send emails to not downshift 'First Last<>' to 'first last<>'.


Updated the following commands to properly handle emailaddress lists containing addresses of the form: 'First Last<>'.

gam <UserTypeEntity> sendemail recipient|to <RecipientEntity> [cc <RecipientEntity>] [bcc <RecipientEntity>] [singlemessage]
gam create|update user ... notify <EmailAddressList>


Cleaned up code for all commands that display Chat objects.


Added commands to display Chat events.


Fixed bug in gam <UserTypeEntity> create chatspace that caused a trap.


Updated gam delete admin <RoleAssignmentId> to handle the following error that
occurs when <RoleAssignmentId> references a user that has been deleted.

ERROR: 404: resourceNotFound - Does not exist


Improved commands to display drive file comments.


Added commands to display drive file comments.


Updated <CrOSFieldName> to include cpuinfo and backlightinfo.


Added depth column to output of gam <UserTypeEntity> print diskusage <DriveFileEntity> that can
be used to filter the depth of the folders displayed. Depth -1 is the top level folder, depth 0
are its immediate children, depth 2 are the children of depth 1 and so forth.

gam config csv_output_row_filter "depth:count<1" user  print diskusage teamdriveid <TeamDriveID>


Updated gam <UserTypeEntity> create|update sendas <EmailAddress> ... replyto <EmailAddress>
to allow uppercase letters in sendas <EmailAddress> and replyto <EmailAddress>.


Updated gam create project to handle the following error:

ERROR: 403: permissionDenied - Authentication error: 7; Error Details: User not allowed to access GCP services.

This error occurs when the Google Workspace admin or GCP project manager email address used in the command
is in an OU where Google Cloud Platform is not enabled in Apps/Additional Google services.


Added a command to update a Gmail label's settings by specifying it's ID rather than it's name.

gam <UserTypeEntity> update labelid <LabelID> [name <String>]
        [messagelistvisibility hide|show] [labellistvisibility hide|show|showifunread]
        [backgroundcolor "<LabelColorHex>|<LabelBackgroundColorHex>|custom:<ColorHex>"]
        [textcolor "<LabelColorHex>|<LabelTextColorHex>|custom:<ColorHex>"]


Updated <UserMultiAttribute>.location.buildingid <String> to allow non-validated building IDs
by specifying nv: at the beginning of <String>; e.g., nv:Building X' sets the building ID to Building X`.


Added option showmimetype category <MimeTypeNameList> to gam <UserTypeEntity> print|show filecounts|filelist|filetree

<MimeTypeName> ::= application|audio|font|image|message|model|multipart|text|video
<MimeTypeNameList> ::= "<MimeTypeName>(,<MimeTypeName>)*"

gam user print filelist fields id,name,mimetype showmimetype prefixes audio,video

Fix bug in gam <UserTypeEntity> info|show sheet <DriveFileEntity> that caused a trap.


Added option addcsvdata <FieldName> <String> to gam print cros that adds
additional columns of data to the CSV file output. Typically, you would read CSV file of device IDs/serial numbers
to generate a CSV file of results and copy data from the input CSV to the outout CSV.


Reverted change made in 6.71.09 to gam <UserTypeEntity> print filelist when showmimetype and filepath|fullpath
were both specified. The change improved the performance when showmimetype selected a small number of files;
the information for just those files was downloaded and then additional API calls were made to construct the file paths.
However, if a large number of files were selected, the additional APIs calls decreased performance.

Added option mimetypeinquery can be used when you expect the query to return a small number of files
relative to the total number of files.


If you are a first time Gam user:

If you are updating your GAMADV-XTD3 version:

If you are upgrading from standard Gam

If you are upgrading from GAMADV-X or GAMADV-XTD

sha256 hashes

e7697e9fd242a50771e8641ff4e3cee77006bc784010577c0bfae844a8acf5e9  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-arm64-glibc2.23.tar.xz
4f486569cb9dd2d809f7899656bff63765465aa04c884c42bb9a007383cbad1e  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-arm64-glibc2.27.tar.xz
5d5098b794f00d39b078d2afbb414e732b8ab59e96f82a4c6e3fa219da6fbfd7  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-arm64-glibc2.31.tar.xz
6760743ca6e50549345c78548d85a5f51533b8d53245016a7dc488b152878a3f  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-glibc2.19.tar.xz
27a2bc503dcb39b89375898b12e71250626daf48ca154dc20ec31dd7d9f9ba9f  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-glibc2.23.tar.xz
e98c4727718bca8fdc9c1dc3dad0a1c2e835ecb92575a2eb0b1b2fc6127f8826  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-glibc2.27.tar.xz
c0e293dcda72228aa2fcdd51103597f60e5452c66fc8650583c622512e964d77  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-glibc2.31.tar.xz
398c2fc820ccb7d78a642f5f357480092bc62197cb9f5ece19f16572ea943e94  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-glibc2.35.tar.xz
f2c9beda79a6ebb47942bca2d5bdfc302b089a813071c599d09323d07351ddb1  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-linux-x86_64-legacy.tar.xz
86675b75a47b4e193f4d7b09247c88be54fa7ce05874296210d0224ef3c53356  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-macos-arm64.tar.xz
fd393c51109e51cc0c125115aa444732dc356d3e1d8ce59c5308827e91a7b747  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-macos-x86_64.tar.xz
789df353daa91b1c9996af4519fd635648fbdf4528dae5524c5f31669b8685f2  gamadv-xtd3-6.72.07-windows-x86_64.msi

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