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GAM 6.59.17

2 days ago

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Latest updates


Added option pathdelimiter <Character> to the following commands that causes GAM to separate
components in a folder path with <Character> rather than the default character /.
This can help avoid confusion when Google folder names contain a /.

Previously, on Windows, path components were separated by \\ when written to a CSV file and
\ when written to stdout; now, / or <Character> will be used in all cases.

gam <UserTypeEntity> info drivefile <DriveFileEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> show fileinfo <DriveFileEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> print filelist
gam <UserTypeEntity> print|show filepaths <DriveFileEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> transfer ownership <DriveFileEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> claim ownership <DriveFileEntity>


Updated <GroupSettingsAttribute> whocancontactowner to include option all_owners_can_contact.


Updated error reporting in gam delete|update chromepolicy <SchemaName> to show the <SchemaName> as originally entered
when an unknown <SchemaName> is specified; previously, it was shown in lowercase which could cause confusion.

Updated column order in gam print chromeschemas to move schemaName, policyDescription and policyApiLifecycle.*
to follow column name.

Added columns policyDescription and policyApiLifecycleStage to gam print chromeschemas formatjson
to follow column name.


Improve bug fix for gam <UserTypeEntity> print groups|grouptree|groupslist.


Fixed bug in gam <UserTypeEntity> print groups|grouptree|groupslist that caused the following
error whan an email address contained an apostrophe.

WARNING: Got 0 Groups: Invalid Member - test.o'

Fixed bug in gam <UserTypeEntity> print|show contacts ... filtercontactgroup <PeopleContactGroupItem> that returned
no contatcs when neither allfields or fields <PeopleFieldNameList> was specifiecd.


Fixed bug in gam create user <EmailAddress> ... immutableous <OrgUnitEntity> ... createifnotfound
that generated the following error when the user <EmailAddress> did not exist and needed to be created.

User: <EmailAddress>, Service not applicable/Does not exist


Updated gam print|show chromepolicies to query the following nameapaces when
namespace <NamespaceList> is not specified. Previously, only the namespaces
marked with a * were queried. chrome.devices.managedguest was added in 6.59.10.

chrome.users *
chrome.users.apps *
chrome.devices *
chrome.devices.kiosk *
chrome.devices.managedguest *


Fixed bug in gam print|show chromepolicies where policies in namespace chrome.devices.managedguest
were not displayed unless it was specified in namespace <NamespaceList>.

Improved error messages in gam <UserTypeEntity> move events.


Added option addnumericsuffixonduplicate <Number> to gam create user <EmailAddress> that
will attempt to create a unique <EmailAddress> when the original value is a duplicate user address.
If <EmailAddress> is <String>@<DomainName>, up to <Number> attempts will be made
to create a unique <EmailAddress>; <Number> defaults to 0.



Fixed bug in csv_output_row_filter "FieldName:date<Operator>Never" that didn't properly detect matches.
For example, the following command would not display users that had never logged in.

gam config csv_output_row_filter "lastLoginTime:date=Never" print users lastlogintime


Added option immutableous <OrgUnitEntity> to gam <UserTypeEntity> update user ... org <OrgUnitPath> that
does not update the user's OU to <OrgUnitPath> if <OrgUnitPath> appears in <OrgUnitEntity>. All other
fields are updated.

This can be used when a SIS outputs user data to be updated but students temporarily in special purpose
OUs should not be updated to the SIS specified OU. <OrgUnitEntity> and <OrgUnitPath> must both
specify OU paths, not IDs.

gam csv SISdata.csv gam update user "~primaryEmail" suspended off firstname "~First Name" lastname "~Last Name"
        ou "~OU" immutableous "'/Students/Lower School/Restricted,'/Students/Middle School/Restricted'"


Added option sources <PeopleProfileSourceNameList> to gam <UserTypeEntity> print|show peopleprofile
that allows specification of the sources of the data to display. By default, data from all sources is displayed.

<PeopleProfileSourceName> ::=
<PeopleProfileSourceNameList> ::= "<PeopleProfileSourceName>(,<PeopleProfileSourceName>)*"

Added option updatefilepermissions [<Boolean>] to gam <UserTypeEntity> move drivefile <DriveFileEntity>.
Previously, file permissions were not updated in the command; now, when updatefilepermissions is true,
file permissions will be removed/created as specified by the following noptions:

excludepermissionsfromdomains <DomainNameList>
includepermissionsfromdomains <DomainNameList>
mappermissionsdomain <DomainName> <DomainName>

Additionally, permissions referencing deleted groups/users will be removed.

The permissions are updated on the file before it is moved.

Test before using in production.


Added option includepermissionsfromdomains <DomainNameList> to the following commands
that copies only those permissions that reference any domain in <DomainNameList>.
It is mutually exclusive with exludepermissionsfromdomains <DomainNameList>.

gam copy|sync teamdriveacls <SharedDriveEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> copy|sync teamdriveacls <SharedDriveEntity>
gam <UserTypeEntity> copy|move drivefile <DriveFileEntity>


Fixed bug in gam <UserTypeEntity> print|show filesharecounts where ACLs for deleted user/groups
were miscounted as external shares.


Cleaned up Getting/Got messages for several commands.

Improved performance of gam print admins.


Updated the Analytic account/property commands to use service account access so that data
can be retrieved for any user.

Fixed bug where the Analytics Admin API was not being added in gam update project
forcing you to manually enable it.


Updated gam checkconnection to check connections to the following sites:

Contacts API - Domain Shared Contacts -
Email Audit API -
Sites API -


Added commands to display Analytic account/property information.


If you are a first time Gam user:

If you are updating your GAMADV-XTD3 version:

If you are upgrading from standard Gam

If you are upgrading from GAMADV-X or GAMADV-XTD

sha256 hashes

5302defead6edc85192a99c406a54e66e8fe943b104d43bd8418ae4c36c3cdc1  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-arm64-glibc2.23.tar.xz
024425c7cef4d927c71690800eb88439b0f2bf6f791c6d6bb98a18f78473a45a  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-arm64-glibc2.27.tar.xz
dd8035ae5b0328336a0b2a30ccc8f1cc12f46f35da38f316812b197eeeab4b4f  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-arm64-glibc2.31.tar.xz
1667eedeb2fabb713cc02ae991b4ead71bbf31dd3488d06aeb24d9c1ac8d32ee  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-glibc2.19.tar.xz
6683d0aec6a9621900cef3fd23e1ebaa0c0f35a5742755e22ac4315422beac8b  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-glibc2.23.tar.xz
a3b3d116ad0b6981a06c8b2841ab7faddcf2901681c6bbe9cf569c4078610425  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-glibc2.27.tar.xz
8262fddd626fd33a89847bed389bea7e6ac54d478101a16b7f8396ff9225aace  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-glibc2.31.tar.xz
7019fb42e53df6a3e4651885eaae5a9661f18cfeaa688a7d09f25fd55076eb7d  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-glibc2.35.tar.xz
083c73fb55b8d44b928210bdb36a4a1b709f0d46eba34b5d2009eaab5ac8f413  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-linux-x86_64-legacy.tar.xz
1af6654d0bf03fbbfa123a3bbdf04fd1129730d75c1449b2394681f0339ea7c5  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-macos-arm64.tar.xz
e62b86f3b6115999c2ab0ce04d6bea44b5dd297c3a4051ee626a073d4bdb0237  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-macos-x86_64-legacy.tar
817eb053c4a89609441a5c9acd877b662f13cd79d7ea3bc4560b1e893b681f9d  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-macos-x86_64.tar.xz
d54b72f3839ee63dbc9fb73b58b38ee7ee06864893fb5f8dc3da76ab102a643f  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-windows-x86.msi
f8db637e5a24bad2496725725dad18f92e4f336d283b5ec0ca3c461e64ec69de  gamadv-xtd3-6.59.17-windows-x86_64.msi

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