github tabarra/txAdmin v7.1.0-beta1

latest releases: v7.1.0, v7.1.0-beta2
pre-release26 days ago


  • small changes (tabarra)
  • core: ddos protection improvements (tabarra)
  • resource/logger: add missing weapons from DLCs (#904) #904 (Grav)
  • menu: add keymapping for tp to waypoint (#886) (tabarra)
  • panel: added bookmarks to live console (tabarra)

Bug Fixes

  • core: new account temp password modal closing (tabarra)
  • core: game admin reauth in every login (tabarra)
  • core: dont wipe playerlist license cache on server restart (tabarra)
  • panel: typo in settings page (#912) #912 (Skypo)
  • nui/PlayerModel: require OneSync for bring and goto (#851) #851 (Kasey Fitton)
  • menu: server ctx even with menu disabled (closes #606) (tabarra)
  • panel: disable external page translation (tabarra)
  • terminal: fixed out-of-sync search on multiline write (tabarra)
  • removed or replaced a few imgur links (tabarra)


  • fixed eslint + added colors to testing page (tabarra)
  • resource: removed hacky patch for resource report (tabarra)
  • moved translation key and fixed import from last commit (tabarra)
  • small changes (tabarra)
  • small stuff (tabarra)
  • small random (tabarra)
  • version bump (tabarra)


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