github szTheory/exifcleaner v3.5.0

latest releases: v3.6.0, v3.5.1
2 years ago

If you are running a previous version of ExifCleaner, update immediately due to a security vulnerability found in exiftool (the command-line tool that ExifCleaner uses under the hood). Thank you to all contributors for this release. As always, credits are listed in the README.



  • Add translations for Slovak, Russian, Ukranian, Danish, Arabic, Italian, Chinese (Mandarin)
  • Add support for the new Mac M1 ARM processors


  • Upgrade to Electron 11
  • Update some NPM dependencies
  • Start maintaining a CHANGELOG file in source control


  • Translation fixes for Portuguese (Brazil) and French
  • Update Linux AppImage category to fix exit status 1 issue

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