github szTheory/exifcleaner v3.4.0

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2 years ago

Summary of changes since v3.3.1


  • Huge speed increase for file processing, especially when batch processing many files with multiple CPUs (more efficient process pool algorithm, better integration with exiftool process keep-alive)
  • Multilingual support with translations for French, Polish, Japanese, Spanish (Spain), German, and Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Mac/Windows: show progress in dock when batch processing files
  • Linux: fix app icon in dock
  • Linux: dark mode works with Ubuntu

Bug Fixes

  • Linux: fix issue where icon.png was not found on startup with .deb installs


  • Upgrade to Electron 10
  • Upgrade to exiftool 12.08
  • Add Perl script to automate pulling down latest ExifTool binaries and verifying their checksums
  • Remove a bunch of NPM dependencies

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