github szTheory/exifcleaner v3.3.0-alpha.1

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pre-release3 years ago


  • Change from JavaScript to TypeScript for improved stability of compiler static analysis.
  • Fix Windows UTF-8 filename bug.
  • Remove several NPM dependencies to simplify code.
  • Upgrade to Electron 9.
  • Minor UI polish.

Commit messages

  • fix yarn lint command for typescript d532b09
  • update release instructions a6d69eb
  • Merge pull request #62 from szTheory/hotfix/windows-utf8-filename-bug-take2 44b241f
  • Fix Windows UTF-8 filename bug (tested) b28f57e
  • Attempt to fix ExifTools UTF-8 Windows bug with the argfile workaround mentioned at\#WINDOWS-UNICODE-FILE-NAMES 3553160
  • remove xo dev dep a9cd8fb
  • remove xo dev dep c4760fa
  • remove electron-context-menu dep and do lightweight context menus directly 0ed165a
  • remove electron-util dep 1afbf38
  • re-add electron-util for now, can't get rid of it quite yet. remove unused ys-yaml dep 8f7340d
  • remove electron-util NPM dep 2b428d2
  • move source-map-support dep to depDependencies to reduce production deps 87e24bc
  • one file wasn't formatted with prettier 2ebc6d0
  • remove unused electron-log dep to reduce NPM dependencies 5e4ce6e
  • remove unused electron-debug dep to reduce NPM dependencies 5883e26
  • remove unused electron-store dep to reduce NPM dependencies 39472bb
  • electron 9 d94414c
  • electron UI polish. typescript upgrade 244d96f
  • convert remaining CommonJS modules to ES module syntax e629a54
  • Fix TypeScript errors, add return types for function declarations (done converting to TypeScript) 673cbd0
  • TypeScript Enum refactor 2299308
  • Convert project to TypeScript including type declarations for node-exiftool (first pass) 60f71e7
  • Add TypeScript and get project passing static analysis with noImplicitAny: false. Convert a couple of files to .ts dba10ce
  • electron upgrade to v8 b6a31dc
  • upgrade Electron to 7.2.3 f4feaff
  • README https link 65105b4
  • lint e0005ea


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