github szTheory/exifcleaner v3.2.0

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3 years ago

Main changes

  • Fix Linux version (was not using correct ExifTool binary path)
  • Add File -> Open menu item
  • Add dock icon for Linux AppImage
  • Mac quit entire app when File -> Close menu item is selected
  • Linux clean up About screen
  • Update app start text to show that ExifCleaner also supports video and PDF files.

Full change list

  • Merge pull request #23 from szTheory/dependabot/npm_and_yarn/acorn-6.4.1 6b79e0e
  • Merge pull request #29 from szTheory/feature/menu-file-open be9512c
  • Fixes #9, #27 - Add a File -> Open menu item. Mac close app on File -> Close Window menu item. aa171b5
  • Fixes #25 and #26 - Icon now shows on Linux taskbar for AppImage install and About screen 8a129a1
  • remove console.log ae599f9
  • Bump acorn from 6.4.0 to 6.4.1 64061ed
  • Fixed #15 Linux AppImage/.deb file error finding binary in .resources dir 76ebf49
  • remove unused electron-updater npm dep (was left over from when I started the project and had auto-update enabled) 1c48094
  • remove unused dist-exiftool npm dep (left over from when I first started the project) 2e0f474
  • fix .gitignore rule for exiftool binaries, a wildcard was excluding them from version control e3ae0bd
  • README clean up Publishing a New Release section 8d4fe02
  • README clean up Development section 62efdcd
  • README simplify Install section e475f71
  • Add version and total downloads badges to README b0e27ab
  • README 5fd09e6
  • update drag and drop prompt text to make it clear that ExifCleaner supports videos and PDFs as well 759a658
  • expand features list in README 930de75
  • add list of supported file types to README 0a58f5a
  • README description update 3f38ee9
  • add Contributing section to README 97b43c8
  • add video file support to README b1821f7


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