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Syscoin 4.2.1 Release

  • Multi-Quorum Chainlocks
  • V3 data directory issue
  • QT improvements for MN list

See release notes for more:

Quorums were not propagating partial CLSIG's leading to Multi-Quorum Chainlocks to not be established. After working with Dash core developer we fixed some bugs upstream and also updated logic in our Chainlock mechanism to resolve the issue. We must have all masternodes upgrade so we can test the Chainlock mechanism to confirm the fix.

V3 data directory was set to use "strSyscoinDataDir" as the the regkey to access custom data directory set by the user for Syscoin QT. In V4 we reset to "strDataDir" which caused some problems for those that had custom directories set or users from V3.

We also added right-click copy fields for the Masternode list in Syscoin QT.

latest releases: v4.3.0rc2, v4.3.0rc1, v4.2.2...
5 months ago