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Version 0.5.0-alpha.1

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pre-release2 months ago

Note that this version is a preview version and the database is completely incompatible with the old version. Please back up the old database and use the new database to try this version


  • bilibili 直播流解析(无需登录bilibili)
  • 房间新增成员权限管理
  • 房间新增设置项
  • 游客免登录访问房间


  • 支持 smtp SSL 协议,TLS使用start ssl
  • alist 115网盘播放支持


  • bilibili live stream analysis (no need to log in to bilibili)
  • Management of permissions for new members in the room
  • New setting items for the room
  • Visitors can access the room without logging in


  • Support smtp SSL protocol, TLS uses start ssl
  • alist 115 network disk playback support

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